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Freedom Container



Are you ready to ignite and fully empower yourself to be the main character in your game of life and unlock patterns and beliefs, bringing a different level of Love and freedom into your life?
This program is for you!
We will work closely for 3-months in a conscious and loving container designed exclusively to free you from patterns, unconscious behaviors, constructs of your mind, and beliefs. It will allow you to be brave enough to live a heart-centered life, fully aligned with your true values, and able to achieve your goals faster and with less resistance.

This premium program will give you my full support during the week.
Every two weeks, we will have a coaching call to address the central theme coming up for you, the triggers, and the lessons. Between the coaching calls, you will have an intentional integration week.

Laser focused session


If you are new to your personal growth journey, have already worked on yourself, or want to tackle a specific topic, this is the perfect pack!

In this package, you have three calls explicitly tailored to address your challenge. Together, we will feel into the issue’s core and find the patterns and roadblocks so you can heal and release them strategically in the breathwork journey.
Finally, we will have an integration call booked a week apart from the others. It will give you time to integrate your breathwork journey, and you will have more clarity to discuss the work that we have done so you can make the changes long-lasting and effective.

Call 1 1h coaching call.
Call 2 1h30 Awakening breathwork journey
Call 3 30-minute Integration call

Private Breathwork


This offer is perfect for you if you’re an experienced player in this personal development game or want to take advantage of the healing proprieties of SOMA breathwork and my own healing tools.

In this private SOMA breathwork session, I will create a unique and individually tailored journey combining incredible music to take you into states that allow you to access and unlock parts of your subconscious mind, rhythmic breathing, and ancient forms of Kumbhaka Pranayama (breath retention) with state-of-the-art science!

In this healing and transformative session, we will work together for 90 to 120 minutes to unlock new levels of this game of life.

Book now this transformative Journey!

Integration session


Integration is one of the most crucial parts of our Inner work; integration is necessary for you to make the changes stick. Without it, you will keep repeating patterns and coming for the same healing over and over again.

If we have already worked together in a retreat or 121 settings, this call is for you!

Life is a ceremony, and often, we can flow through it more joyfully when we are supported, allowing in a different perspective or a loving advisor. In this call, we will create a safe container for you to unpack your plant medicine ceremony, breathwork journey, or any deep work you have been doing, using different coaching techniques and energetic and intuitive work.

In this two-hour coaching and integration call, I invite you to ground these shifts, merge them into your new reality, and allow the changes and challenges you have been going through to strengthen your path and enlighten your journey.