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How are you breathing right now? 


Short breath, long and smooth breath, a feeling that you stopped breathing for a second when you read my question?

Ha, don’t worry, I won’t judge, but I will tell you a secret:


The quality of your breath determines the quality of your life.


Once you press pause on your breath, you press pause on Life; therefore, I invite you to ask yourself:

Am I fully, deeply, living?

These meaningful and uncomfortable questions may well impact your life as they did mine.

Let me take you back to 2017 and picture a hot afternoon in Barcelona’s streets.

That day, for the first time, someone highlighted the fact that I was not breathing. I laughed and obnoxiously exclaimed:

“C’mon, if I am alive, it means that I am breathing, right?”


She smiled and dropped a wisdom nugget that changed my life: “Pay attention to the quality of your breath.” 

My breath was shallow. I was most of the time in fight or flight mode.

I committed to paying attention to my breath and its quality…and it didn’t take long to see that the quality of my breath was equated to the quality of my life: shallow and disconnected, always spiking my fear responses. 

How about your breath?

Have you ever caught yourself holding your breath, not knowing why, or feeling you were breathing as fast as a puddle when you felt stressed out?

When you think about it, does it happens more often than you imagined?

If so, you may want to keep reading 🙂

Since that day, a lot has happened. I dived deep into my personal journey, and gazillions of breaths later, I can say that I have been changing my life, health, and relationship’s quality one breath at a time using mostly the SOMA Awakening Breathwork technique.

You, too, can take the lead on your own life and improve its quality in all spectra of it, such as:

  • Regain confidence and trust in your inner guidance
  • Regulate your nervous system
  • Dissolve fear and anxiety
  • Shifting the perspective from victimhood to empowerment
  • Feeling safe to connect to all the feelings and emotions
  • Regain the sovereignty in your life
  • Establish healthy behaviors and boundaries
  • Strengthen your health and resilience
  • Connect more to your intuition
  • Shifting your perspective and the energy in and around you
  • Bring your vision to reality
  • Live a more connected and conscious life

You want to try?

Now I could talk about Breathwork for hours, but for you to truly enjoy and discover its benefit, the best way is to experience it!

So take an appointment and let’s breath in joy!

The first appointment is a free short call of 15 minutes to identify your needs and define the timeline for our sessions.

  • Pre-session (free): Identifying your needs and expectations
  • Session 1: Breathwork
  • Session 2: Recalibration and implementation
  • Session 3: Wrap up

You want to try?

Now I could talk about Breathwork for hours, but for you to truly enjoy and discover its benefit, the best way is to experience it!

So take an appointment and let’s breath in joy!

The first appointment is a free short call of 15 minutes to identify your needs and define the timeline for our sessions.

  • Pre-session (free): Identifying your needs and expectations
  • Session 1: Breathwork
  • Session 2: Recalibration and implementation
  • Session 3: Wrap up

I must say, breathwork, especially SOMA Awakening Breathwork, has been one of the most important and consistent tools in my toolkit, it helps me reconnect with my emotions, my inner guidance, and my vision. It has been an ally in releasing trauma stored in my body, it helped me understand my unconscious behaviors and navigate my fears and passions.

And if, like me, you are an explorer of the self, you will see that it can be THE tool that supports you in your life, too, even when you are testing many modalities. After all, having a core tool you can always rely on is also one of the best ways to empower yourself and raise your confidence and sense of inner safety.


Pretty transformational!

In fact, so much so that it was a no-brainer when I got the opportunity to become a breathwork instructor. I had to share this technique with others so they, too, enjoy powerful transformations.

What is so special about SOMA Awakening Breathwork exactly?

What I love about the SOMA Awakening Breathwork is that it combines rhythmic breathing, ancient forms of Kumbhaka Pranayama (breath retention), and music.

Having unique and individually tailored journeys combined with music designed to take us to the brain states that allow us to access and unlock parts of our subconscious mind speaking to my scientific mind and aspiration to connect ancient teachings with modern science.

It also triggered my curiosity when I first tried it, and I ended up blown away by how suddenly I was in tune with my heart, inner voice, and higher wisdom.

Learn more about Soma Awakening Breathwork Benefits

The SOMA Awakening Breathwork Session combines rhythmic breathing and ancient forms of Kumbhaka Pranayama (breath retention) with music specially designed to take you to brain states that will allow you to access your subconscious mind and become the creator of your own reality. You will experience a 90-minute session that expands your consciousness, reprograms the subconscious, and has been scientifically proven to improve your health and well-being.

Whether purpose, relationship, business, or health, this session will help you get clarity, visualize your future self, and unlock your unique gifs, unleashing the power within to create the reality you want.

SOMA Breathwork uses a combination of scientifically proven breathwork techniques, rhythmical and euphoric music, guided meditation, and imagery developed to reach heightened states of consciousness and ecstatic bliss. 

This involves deep, diaphragmatic rhythmic breathing and breath holds in a way that regulates our nervous system, promoting an overall shift towards parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous system activity. By changing your breath, you can, indeed, change your Life! Some scientifically proven benefits of breathwork are:

  • Improvement of CO2 tolerance and nitric oxide production.
  • Improvement of cells’ oxygenation.
  • Reduce stress, tension, and anxiety.
  • Trains oxygen efficiency.
  • Improvement of cardiovascular health.
  • Strengthen concentration and meditation.
  • Stimulation of both hemispheres of the brain.
  • Stimulation of neurogenesis and ‘brain change’. 
  • Regulates the nervous system.
  • Boost of the immune system and has anti-aging effects.
  • Increase of energy.
  • Reduction of oxidative stress.
  • Facilitation of lymphatic drainage.
  • Increase your High Heart Rate Variability and this is associated with ‘flow states” (feeling “in the zone”).

You too can access this magic!

Like me, you can become the creator of your own reality, changing patterns and behaviors that have been unconsciously in the way of you achieving all your goals and dreams. 

And you will see that, for some topics, it will only take up to 90 minutes of rhythmic breathing to expand your consciousness and reprogram the subconscious, and the best of the best is that it has been scientifically proven to improve your health and well-being.


So how about trying it out?


Here are some examples of the topics we could work on together. Let me remind you the list is non-exhaustive, and I am open to what is present for you too.

Here are some topic we could work on together

Ground yourself in the present moment

How often have you tried to be present, but your mind takes you to what you did or must do?

This often robs you of the present moment, especially with the ones you Love.

This breathwork journey invites you to cultivate the skill of presence. We will use your breath to ground you in the present and feel the full extent of what is coming up for you.

By bringing awareness to your breath and using it to release all the stories and things that no longer serve you, you can make space for a version of you that is more grounded and more present for yourself and the ones you LOVE the most.

This breathwork journey is perfect to fully allow yourself to deepen your connections and improve the quality of your own relationships.

Connect deeper with your body

Your body is a temple filled with wisdom, and often we bypass that. However, you live your life the best you can, and day by day, you tend to disconnect from it.

But despite trying your best, you ignore the pain, the stress, and the signs—your natural bodily reaction when interacting with people or being in certain environments—that could inform and guide you.

On top of that, as we all do, you stored in your temple so many stories and so much trauma (small or big).

My invitation with this breathwork is to get in touch with your incredible body, reconnect to it, and become fully grounded in it using the breath as your guide.

Each breathwork round, we will go deeper. We will release the stories and the held memories that no longer serve you.

Balance feminine & masculine energy

Inside of you, you hold both energies, the feminine and the masculine. Often, you lean into the one that serves you the most, casting away the other, perhaps out of fear and/or judgment.

The secret and the power is to bring both into balance and reach out to the most appropriate one, depending on the situation and needs.

I’ll invite you to connect and experience both energies in this breathwork journey.

I will guide you to dance with them, feel each one’s power and bring them into balance inside of you for you to use them in a healthy and connected way in your day-to-day life.

Connect deeply with your feminine energy

As women, you carry the wisdom of our own womb. You’re rooted in the energy of your own monthly cycles of death and rebirth.

Connecting to this energy and fully attuning yourselves to your intuition will help you to flow with life instead of resisting it.

In this breathwork session, I will invite you to dive fully into the wisdom of your feminine cycles.

I will guide you in this dance with our internal seasons so you can easily flow through life, harvesting your inner power and connecting you to each cycle’s wisdom.

Turn your wounds & stories into fuel

Often, you get caught up in your stories, in all the ways life is happening to you.

I learned with time that life is happening for you and not to you (even if sometimes our ego doesn’t like it so much).

With this breathwork journey, I will incite you to move from wounds to a new and empowering vision that will allow you to see how misfortune can become a gift or opportunity in disguise.

We will use the breath to guide you into all the ways life happened for you, and you will harvest the lessons and all the tools life gave you to become the kick-ass human you are today.

We will use the rhythmic breath to reframe and empower your journey and shift your mindset so you can turn all the wounds into the fuel you need to achieve all the wild dreams you have inside of you.

Connect to your inner Knowing

Every step of the way, you hold a Gnosis that is often behind your comprehension. Whenever you need to decide to do something, you KNOW the answer.

Nevertheless, you often get overwhelmed by doubts and confusion. These are often consequences of external noise, fear projections, past conditioning, and your expectations of how your life should look like.

In this breathwork session, I invite you to lean into all of those, dig deeper into your subconscious mind to go beyond all of these, and connect to your inner Knowing fully.

This is your inner compass, the voice always guiding you in the right direction.

We will use the rhythmic breath to dissolve doubts, judgments, and fears. Round after round, you will amplify the volume of that voice, and you will harvest the courage to take action and to connect to the power of your inner Knowing.

Connect to your vision

A big vision and your life mission can sound scary and overwhelmingly big. In this breathwork session, I will challenge you to connect to it, feel its full extent, and visualize the stepping stones that will help you achieve it. 

We will use the breath to connect to the stories and the fears holding you back, how to release them, and how to attune you to take action. Round after round, you will be invited to embody the version of yourself needed to fulfill that vision.

Clarify my wants and needs

How often do you not know how to express what you want or need?

Often out of fear, often out of past stories that condition your behaviors.

In this breathwork, I will guide you through several rounds of rhythmic breath for you to reach out to your unconscious mind and fully get in touch with your true needs and wants.

I will invite you to fully harvest the courage to express them and create a path where you feel worthy of asking for them, getting rewarded with that, and much more.

You will get in touch with what you truly feel and what is.

Turn my dreams into reality

Do you know that dream that you have been putting out for months?

In this breathwork session, I will guide you into that dream. You will explore why you are standing in your own way and what you need to do to get out of the way.

In each round, we will explore the beliefs you have to release, the fears you have to dissolve, and the next steps you need to take. You will use your breath to guide your way into the right path to make that dream a reality.

Connect with my true value

Often, one forgets how valuable they are. Maybe you bypass the value of your offerings, your presence, and/or your skillset because you are still looking outside for the trust, the confidence, and the validation instead of building it from inside of you.

In this breathwork session, I will guide you on a journey where you will reconnect to all of these to empower yourself from within.

We will be using the breath as a guide, letting it dissolve our limiting beliefs, stories, and blocks that stop us from fully asking for what we truly deserve in all spectrums of life: from our business to our relationships.

Work on forgiveness

People often hold grudges because of the stories they’ve been telling themselves. You don’t forgive others for making them feel good but for releasing yourselves from the prison you’ve kept yourselves in.

A prison for which you had the key all along. In this breathwork journey, I invite you to stand for yourself and release the stagnant energy you’ve been carrying because you can’t forgive yourself or any other person that caused you harm.

We will end this cycle and use your breath to dissolve all the grudges, pain, and stories you’ve been carrying with you.

Letting go and forgiving is often a cathartic process, and I will be holding you in this process, and we will be using the power of breath to set you free finally.

Release the day-to-day anxiety

You live in a frantic, fast-paced world, often with endless to-do lists and too many things to do and achieve…often you feel that you are getting behind in life, creating high anxiety levels.

In this breathwork session, I invite you to shift and relax your nervous system. I will guide you from that fight or flight mode to a rest and relaxed one where you will be grounded in the present moment.

We will use the breath to release all the expectations and the stories you’ve been holding on to. In each round, you will release a bit more and relax a bit deeper into the life you have and the one you will create.

Turn Anxiety into fuel

What if you re-frame the story you have been telling yourself?

What if you do a breathwork session that will turn that anxiety you’ve been carrying into fuel and release all the tension and stories that are not serving you any longer?

This is exactly what I will offer you with this breathwork journey, a shift, a reframe. In each round of breathwork, I will be challenging you to let go of the anxiety and move from fight or flight to a place of ease, a place where you are safe to create all your dreams not because you need them but because you deserve them and they are your birthright.

Find the Joy in the mundane

If you observe children, you will see that they easily find joy in the mundane. They keep finding the magic and the extraordinary in the ordinary moments of their daily life.

As you grow older, you keep this ability hidden from your reach. You often stop being playful and as joyful as you are. In this breathwork journey, I invite you to reach out and reconnect to this superpower.

You will use rhythmic breathing to guide you to your joy and to bring back all the playfulness you kept hidden from your adult self. In each round, you will connect deeper to everything that used to fill you with joy, and I will challenge you to bring these feelings to your daily life.

This is a playful breathwork journey that will reconnect you with the joy that is hidden in mundane day-to-day life.

Close cycles

Humans, like nature, have their own cycles. Death and rebirth are symbolized by the different seasons—aka cycles—in your lives.

The end of a cycle can be liberating but can also be filled with fear and grief. It is sometimes difficult to let go of old habits, persona, endearment, or attachments when they have been part of your life for a short or long time.

In this breathwork journey, I will invite you to fully connect to the emotions each cycle brings into your life. You will harvest the lessons and lean into the powerful energy that each one carries.

Finally, we will bring that precious harvesting into a fresh new start, into your brand new cycle.

You want to try?

Now I could talk about Breathwork for hours, but for you to truly enjoy and discover its benefit, the best way is to experience it!

So take an appointment and let’s breath in joy!

The first appointment is a free short call of 15 minutes to identify your needs and define the timeline for our sessions.

  • Pre-session (free): Identifying your needs and expectations
  • Session 1: Breathwork
  • Session 2: Recalibration and implementation
  • Session 3: Wrap up

You want to try?

Now I could talk about Breathwork for hours, but for you to truly enjoy and discover its benefit, the best way is to experience it!

So take an appointment and let’s breath in joy!

The first appointment is a free short call of 15 minutes to identify your needs and define the timeline for our sessions.

  • Pre-session (free): Identifying your needs and expectations
  • Session 1: Breathwork
  • Session 2: Recalibration and implementation
  • Session 3: Wrap up

About Rosa

Rosa is a passionate, curious woman, an integrity seeker, and a radiant being filled with joyful Love. She is willing to go to the depths of her consciousness, looking for what is alive in her heart and exciting for her soul.

Often this implies leaving her comfort zone, traveling to different countries to pursue her scientific endeavors, learning new holistic modalities, or coming closer to her inner Knowing. 

A free spirit that gathered experiences from all around the world, an open-minded scientist, a holistic coach, and a Soma breathwork instructor that uses her gifts to lead and coach individuals seeking for a better life and alignment with their soul to be in integrity with their mission and to live a joyous, Loving and fulfilling life.

My mission is to Love, have fun and connect deeply. Meanwhile, I’ve realized I thrive when I create safe and Loving spaces for the universe inside of each one of us to unfold. That became the solid foundation of who I am and everything I do. On top of it, I’ll infuse everything with layers of Love, Joy, and playfulness.

Being extremely curious is part of my code, and I believe that we can create the life of our dreams if we ask the right questions. That simple act will change the world we have inside, and the repercussions of this will definitely change the world around us. 

I deeply believe in an emotionally agile world where our nervous systems can self-regulate without inflicting hurt or pain on others. For that, we have to dive deep into the secret corners of our psyche and start bringing light to our subconscious worlds, healing all the parts of ourselves we’ve abandoned or that we have deemed wrong.

By returning to our essence, in integrity with the complex layers of ourselves, we’ll discover more and more who we are and how we can shine our unique light in a world starving for Love. We’ll finally find the courage to Live and Love with our hearts wide open!

That will not happen overnight. At least, it didn’t work for me. It has been a beautifully raw and brave journey, using my breath as my guide. I’ve experienced firsthand that Breathwork actually works!

I can’t promise it’ll always be a fun road. I can reassure you that I can be by your side, holding space and finding grace and joy in the small breaths we take. We’ll be paving a brand new path, connecting with the rhythms and seasons of life, and taking everything deeply, one breath at a time.